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#042 How Can She Fix Her Hot/Cold Relationship?


This client has had a lot of success applying the Law of Attraction to various areas of her life. But she’s stuck when it comes to relationships. Her long distance relationship runs hot and cold, and she doesn’t know where she stands. Listen in as I hit her with the truth, and help her line up with the feelings she’s been trying to achieve.


Topics covered on this call

  • She’s been able to use LOA to manifest in other areas of her life, but not in relationships
  • She met a guy, but she’s not sure if he’s the right one
  • She’s tried to focus the relationship into a more positive place, but they can’t seem to stop fighting
  • When she asks for affection, he’s distant; when she’s about to break up with him, he gets affectionate
  • She thinks she has to be “eager” for what she wants. Isn’t this true?
  • Dissecting the experiences she’s been having from an energetic point of view
  • Defining what she wants to change, and what she wants instead
  • He lives far away (long distance relationship)
  • He doesn’t show his emotions, or express how he feels about the relationship
  • He seems to prioritize others over her, especially his family
  • Why/How did she even attract him in the first place?
  • Being honest about what she wants, and why “settling” doesn’t ever work
  • Relationships aren’t supposed to be frustrating and painful
  • What we really mean (or SHOULD mean) when we say that “you have to work at relationships”
  • Why does she have to struggle so much with this manifestation, when others have been easier?
  • Why even good relationships often go bad, and what we can do about that
  • How to incrementally line up with the relationship she REALLY wants
  • Working through a specific example of how she can use an unwanted experience to line up with what she wants instead
  • What to do when the resistance comes up (when she can’t really imagine what she wants)