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  • #043 She Wants Love But Feels That She Has To Compromise

#043 She Wants Love But Feels That She Has To Compromise


This client is battling the belief that she can have nearly what she wants, but will always have to compromise. She’s also afraid that if she finds Mr. Awesome that she’ll lose her identity. She doesn’t want to just play a supporting role. But what does a truly balanced relationship actually look like?


Topics covered on this call

  • She had been in a relationship that had been running hot and cold, and then abruptly ended in a rather ugly way
  • She’d felt such a strong connection with him. Was he “The One”?
  • She’s dated a lot, but has only had this connection a few times. She’s having a hard time letting go
  • She’s afraid that there’s a shortage of good men whom she can have this connection with
  • She’s afraid she has to choose between an awesome guy and one she’s really attracted to
  • How (and why) we often think we have to compromise on sexual attraction
  • Why trying to change someone doesn’t work (and why we really don’t want that)
  • Briefly digging into her childhood to find the origin of her limiting beliefs around relationships (that she has to compromise)
  • Dissecting and releasing legacy beliefs – we do not have to make the same choices (energetically or otherwise) that our parents made
  • Moving into the energy of what she wants by using “What If” questions
  • Looking at a past relationship to dig up more resistance
  • What does a truly balanced relationship actually look like (neither party is powerless)?
  • If she meets the man of her dreams, will she lose herself and her identity?
  • The true definition of a “Power Couple”
  • She loves to be the cheerleader for someone, but she doesn’t want to fade into a supporting role
  • Avoiding becoming a one headed monster as a couple
  • Creating the visualization that addresses her resistance and attunes her with what she wants