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  • #044 All About College: Grades, Life Passion and Goals, Pressure from Parents

#044 All About College: Grades, Life Passion and Goals, Pressure from Parents


This college student is having a hard time. Her grades, which have always been great are suddenly down, she’s feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and doesn’t know how to deal with the pressure and expectations of her family. During the course of the call, we dealt with her current lack of passion, looked at how to improve her grades the easy way, and delved into cultural and religious beliefs. While this caller was young, you’ll glean some old school wisdom from this call.


Topics covered on this call

  • Ever since she started University, she’s been feeling lost
  • She’s usually really good at school, but can’t seem to get good grades now
  • She’s been feeling really stressed and has been gaining weight
  • She’s majoring in Engineering, but is it really what she wants?
  • What she must do to make school fun and easy again
  • What can she focus on to find her true passion?
  • How the goals she’s set are keeping her from feeling good
  • She’s feeling incredible pressure from her family and Vietnamese culture
  • How our well-meaning parents and elders are often projecting their own crap onto us (and what to do about it)
  • Why she’s really feeling so bad, and why she doesn’t have to take action right now in order to feel better
  • She’s afraid to pray for what she really wants – she feels it’s too much to ask for
  • Why we never have to worry about asking for “too much”
  • The mindset shift that will allow her to feel better NOW
  • What can she do so that she doesn’t have to study so much
  • Why making time for good feeling stuff actually helps with the overwhelm
  • She’s been taught that if one asks for something, one must pay for it
  • A powerful metaphor about what Giving and Receiving actually is, which helps to take the guilt out of receiving