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#045 His Horrible Past Has Ruined His Life


I absolutely adore this call. This client was so despondent when he applied for a call, I had to make sure he actually believed in the Law of Attraction before agreeing to get on the phone with him. His entire life had been one horrible incident after another, and he felt that he couldn’t surpass the patterns of his past. His deep sense of powerlessness and a recent divorce had led him to question if trying once again to feel better wasn’t just a waste of time.

Well, I’m happy to say that by the end of this call, this adorable man had reconnected with his inner happy shiny puppy. It was an incredible turn around. We covered a lot of ground, including setting boundaries without being aggressive, letting go of the burdens of the past, learning to honor ourselves when we don’t feel worthy of doing so, and how to love others without being a doormat. I dare you not to love this call!

Topics covered on this call

  • He’s 60 years old, his life has gone nowhere, and it’s just getting worse
  • He feels his life is almost over and he’s running out of time
  • Everything he’s ever done has ended in a wreck. What’s the point of trying again?
  • He grew up with a very domineering father and he still feels like a scared boy
  • He hates his voice and feels it makes him sound like a woman
  • How can he begin to change how he views himself?
  • He’s a victim of his history – and what he has to do to change that
  • Releasing the burden of the past
  • How he’s keeping himself stuck in misery
  • He was recently divorced
  • He tends to attract “broken” women, with loads of issues
  • Dissecting how and why he hands all his power away
  • His misconceptions about love
  • Learning how to set boundaries, and why doing so doesn’t require him to stop loving others
  • He wishes he looked better and had more confidence
  • He doesn’t really feel like a man
  • Helping him shift out of his past, into a more positive present and creating a future he can he look forward to
  • How he can learn to stand up for himself and honor himself more