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  • #046 Why Do Men Keep Breaking Up With Her?

#046 Why Do Men Keep Breaking Up With Her?


This caller had a pattern of horrible breakups. Men would fall in love with her and then very abruptly end things, usually without any kind of explanation. Although she knew, from having gone through therapy, that this pattern dated back to her childhood and her relationship with her father, that knowledge didn’t help her break that cycle.

During the call, we uncovered what was actually happening (why these men were suddenly running for the hills). We then discussed ways of shifting out of the energy that was causing that behavior so she can finally manifest the loving relationship she’s always wanted. This call is for all those women who’ve ever found themselves feeling a bit needy or even desperate (insecure, basically) around men, as well as any men who’ve ever had to deal with this behavior in women.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s been single for 3 years
  • LOA has worked really well for her in other areas of her life, but not in terms of relationships
  • She’d like to trust that everything will just work out, but she’s feeling the pressure of being in her late thirties
  • She had some short term mini-relationships in the last few years, but they all went bad really quickly
  • Digging into her past relationships to figure out what’s going on in her vibration (looking for the patterns)
  • Men always break up with her very abruptly. They seem to go from super loving to horrific on the turn of a dime
  • She’s been so hurt that she started protecting herself, and even tried following “the Rules” (a book which essentially teaches women how to manipulate men into marriage)
  • Figuring out how she is triggering these men so severely and why she keeps attracting the same pattern
  • She has a hard time trusting men and is reacting much more needy than she realized
  • How she can break this cycle she’s been stuck in
  • Using visualization (looking at different hypothetical scenarios) to highlight specific points of resistance
  • Working through her fears of social rejection (things that make her feel unsafe)
  • How she can stop making men responsible for how she feels (they have to do something or be a certain way for her to feel good)
  • She doesn’t always feel insecure. How can she have insecurities in only one area of her life?
  • How she can use memories and/or visualization to help clean up her vibration, so her actual, physical, future experiences will be much more positive
  • The definition of a “perfect” relationship
  • Why she couldn’t have received these insights until now