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  • #047 She Loves to Give to Others, But Has A Lot of Trouble

#047 She Loves to Give to Others, But Has A Lot of Trouble


Like most light workers, this caller had no problem giving until it hurt and beyond. But she couldn’t get comfortable with the idea of receiving, i.e. being paid or even having people to favors for her, unless she’d given them AT LEAST equal value or preferably, much, much more in return. This set of limiting beliefs stunted her earning potential and created a lot of resistance in her vibration.

It’s no coincidence that my business is called Deliberate Receiving. I don’t think I’ve ever explained the concept of giving and receiving, as they should be, more clearly. If tend to feel guilty when others give you to, if you have trouble asking for help, and/or if you don’t know how to ask for the prices or pay you think you deserve, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • She has a very hard time charging appropriately for her services. She feels guilty when she takes money from people
  • She loves her work, but isn’t comfortable being paid for what she does
  • Does she have enough certifications to make the money she wants to make? (i.e. why certifications are often not nearly as important as people think they are)
  • How she can “prove” her value to her potential clients
  • How people becoming more tech-savvy (and wary of scam artists) is actually good for her
  • She always wants her clients to have more, and feels that this means she has to have less (she’s willing to sacrifice what she wants so that her clients can get more of what they want)
  • It’s not just about money. She’s uncomfortable receiving favors, as well (even bartering is difficult)
  • Shifting  the belief that she cannot receive value from someone unless she’s given AT LEAST as much value to that specific person
  • A completely different way to look at what giving and receiving actually are
  • The two different kinds of giving, and why one of them is aligned and the other isn’t
  • Why giving without this alignment doesn’t actually help anyone
  • Why she NEVER has any obligation to give to anyone
  • Aren’t there just some things we HAVE TO do in order to get to where we want to go?
  • How co-creation works (in this context), and why the win-win scenario is not only possible, but actually the BEST way to get what we want
  • Getting over the guilt that comes with receiving
  • Why anything she receives doesn’t actually diminish what anyone else has
  • How can she raise her prices on her existing clients?
  • How our positive manifestations kind of sneak into our reality

On the call, I made reference to a blog post about money. You can find it here: For The Love Of Money