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  • #048 She Wants to Attract More Friends Without Seeming Desperate

#048 She Wants to Attract More Friends Without Seeming Desperate


This caller lost many of her friends when she decided to be more positive. Now, she finds herself reaching out others, but feels like she’s desperately asking them to like her. On top of that, she’s tired of always having to organize everything and would really like people to just come to her. Listen in as we explore why she’s feeling so needy and how she can attract precisely the kinds of friends she wants.

Of course, the lessons learned in this call apply not just to friendship, but to attracting people for any purpose: the perfect boyfriend, an awesome boss and amazing co-workers, and even just more positive interactions with people in general.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s having trouble trusting this LOA way of looking at things
  • Why her mind is “sabotaging her” and what she can do about it
  • What’s happening when this Law of Attraction work seems hard
  • She wants to feel more accepting of herself
  • She wants people to be drawn to her, rather than having to go out and desperately asking them to like her
  • She wants to make more friends but doesn’t know how
  • Is it alright to approach people or do you always have to wait for them to come to you
  • How she’s ensuring that she feels rejected by others by half-assing it
  • How to approach others without being pushy and needy (she’s afraid of coming across as desperate)
  • How she is making other people responsible for her social life
  • Why does she always have to be the one to organize everything?
  • Why being picky about whom you’ll be friends with actually leads to more (and better) friendships
  • The “right” way to be picky
  • Figuring out what kinds of people and experiences she actually wants to attract, when she doesn’t really know
  • The beautiful exercise she can do that will open up her energy and allow her to attract more friends
  • How YouTube mirrors society’s hunger for positivity
  • How can she handle those people who are currently in her life but aren’t a match to what she wants in a friend?