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#049 She Wants to Have a Successful Music Career


I think this might be the post passionate call I’ve ever done (I love working with artists. The energy is just amazing). This caller is a professional singer who’s in the midst of making a comeback after taking a break. She’s battling both her own doubts and fears as well as those of her manager. Will she lose everything, or can she line herself up with the success she knows, deep down, is hers for the taking?

This call is for artists and creative types of any kind. We also go heavily into fears of financial ruin, making money in an economic “crisis”, and beliefs that tie one’s financial well-being to the actions of others. So, you know, it’s pretty much for everyone. 🙂

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s coming back to a musical career after taking a break
  • She’s never been able to make any real money from her music
  • Can she make a comeback? Will people remember her?
  • Why her audience doesn’t need to remember her
  • She’s having trouble trusting her non-LOA manager
  • She’s bet it all, and needs money to come in quickly
  • What her manager’s behavior is mirroring back to her and how she can elicit a different version of him
  • Why “betting it all” isn’t necessarily a great idea, but what she can do to smooth the ride now that’s she has
  • How can she become successful in this economic crisis?
  • Why this economic crisis was actually a really good thing
  • Why she doesn’t have to convince anyone to listen to her music
  • What she has to do in order to be able to hear the answers she’s looking for
  • Connecting with her future audience
  • How she can soothe her financial fears in just minutes
  • What if she can’t work her way into a better feeling thought? (The easy way to find joy)
  • The energetic reason for why she doesn’t need to be afraid of losing everything (and how to make sure that doesn’t happen)
  • Aligning herself with her highest potential and the success she’s seeking
  • How she can deal with her impatience

On the call, I mention a blog post about acting. You can find it here: Can I Use LOA To Get Acting Jobs?