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  • #050 Why Does She Have MS and How Can She Heal It?

#050 Why Does She Have MS and How Can She Heal It?


I LOVELOVELOVE this call! I know that I say this a lot, but tough titties, people. Awesomeness abounds! This caller gave me the opportunity to explain physical conditions and illness in a way I’ve never done before. Why do we manifest major conditions such as MS? Is it really just all about resistance? Yes and no. Learn the incredibly uplifting and empowering reason behind manifestations of the body. You’ll never look at “disease” and healing the same way again. 

Topics covered on this call

  • She suffers from Multiple Sclerosis
  • She’s really like to be wildlife photographer, and be able move freely about in nature
  • She’s afraid that if she gets better, that people won’t believe that she was ever truly sick
  • She’s always felt that she has huge potential to make a difference in the world
  • Her MS set on quite suddenly, but then went into remission for 7 years. Now it’s back.
  • Exploring how and why her MS came about
  • Why MS is the perfect manifestation for her and how it’s serving her
  • The surprising reasons why people manifest illness and physical conditions and why they’re not necessarily a bad thing (it’s not about punishment or some kind of failure)
  • Probably the most uplifting explanation I’ve offered on manifestations of the physical body, like, EVER.
  • She has dreams of making movies in all kind of different genres, but especially with wildlife
  • Why people with BIG energy will have a harder time making money in ways that isn’t joyful
  • How she’s sabotaging her success by taking statements too far (aka, when to shut the hell up)
  • How to overcome her the fear that all this trying to feel better may all be for nothing
  • Why many people require so much pain before they’re willing to shift
  • How I influenced the weather in my own reality
  • Why she has to learn to be “positively selfish”, and how to do that
  • How she can overcome her guilt
  • How the Universe will support her growth process in the most wonderful, but often totally misunderstood ways