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  • #051 She Wants to Stop Her Compulsive, Substance Abuse Behaviors

#051 She Wants to Stop Her Compulsive, Substance Abuse Behaviors


For those of you who liked the last blog post (on quitting smoking and other compulsive behaviors), and want to go WAY deeper into the topic, this call is for you. This caller has not only one, but a whole myriad of compulsive behaviors, from overeating and overspending to drinking too much.

How do these compulsive behaviors come about and what can we do about them? The answer may surprise you with its simplicity (not ease, simplicity)!

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s over $20.000 in debt and can’t stop spending
  • She overeats and can’t find a way to lose weight
  • She spends compulsively
  • She self-medicates with alcohol
  • What these compulsive behaviors are trying to show her
  • Why willpower doesn’t work
  • What role the reptilian brain plays in compulsions
  • Why her inability to quit these behaviors has nothing to do with weakness
  • Why we want to find a “fast and easy” solution (some blunt truths)
  • What I mean when I tell people that they have to “allow it to happen”
  • Why she won’t be happy if she just stops her behaviors
  • Overcoming the objection and fear that this method will “take too long”
  • Digging into her reasons for her compulsive behaviors – what triggers her?
  • Why the willingness to feel better is not a given (and how to release the resistance around that)
  • The simple solution, and why its simplicity is exactly why most people won’t try it
  • What does numbness mean? (Hint: It’s NOT a lack of emotion!)
  • Why anger will be a big component in her healing
  • How to have a healing anger release
  • Why she doesn’t  have to be afraid of an anger release
  • The step by step approach she can take to shift the energy that’s causing these actions
  • Why she doesn’t have to dig up her entire past and sift through all the painful events she’s suffered
  • “The Process” in a nutshell and how it all goes horribly wrong (aka how we screw it up for ourselves)