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#052 He’s a Writer Looking For His Breakthrough


This screenwriter can’t seem to get past his fears to produce the masterpiece he knows he’s meant to. He can feel that he’s close, but there are fears that are holding him back. Listen in as we explore those fears and as, quite frankly, I kick his butt a little to get him aligned with what he really wants. A great call for anyone who’s creative or wants to be. 

Topics covered on this call

  • He’s been a screenwriter for over 20 years and is looking for his breakthrough
  • He’s written a lot, but has never completed a script
  • How can he find the inspiration for a story that he can complete?
  • He knows he’s a total perfectionist. But is that really a problem?
  • Dissecting the mindset that’s keeping him stuck
  • The different ways to write and the one I recommend (the energetically aligned one€¦)
  • Where inspiration comes from
  • How important is technique?
  • What to focus on to invite the inspiration
  • Others tell him to “Just get something down on the page”, but he can’t seem to do that. Why not?
  • A totally different way of looking at the creation process, which takes all the pressure off the artist
  • Why so many artists suffer (the energetic explanation)
  • Sifting through his resistance and fine tuning his focus so he’s actually moving towards what he wants
  • How he’s actually guaranteeing his failure at the moment (and what he can do to stop doing that)
  • Exploring and dissecting his fears/resistance
  • The step by step techniques he can use to get into the flow and write the masterpiece he’s meant to
  • Why do some artists consistently churn out awesome work?
  • How to deal with others who have opinions about his writing
  • A tip for writing dialogue
  • He wants to know if using binaural beats can help him get into the flow
  • What I personally do to help me get into a higher vibration (plus additional techniques)