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#053 Negative People Follow Her Everywhere/Shifting Bad Self-Esteem


This Virtual Assistant has issues with setting boundaries – the people she meets always start out really positive, but soon they being to complain and bring her down. How can she turn them around or get away from them without being a bitch or losing her clients?

In the course of this call, we also hit upon the issue of low self-esteem and how to turn it around. The answer is deceptively simple and may surprise you. If you struggle with negative people, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • The people she attracts into her life start out fine but then become very negative
  • Is she responsible for turning good people into douchebags?
  • The general cause of attracting negative people into our lives
  • Her positive client suddenly began to do nothing but complain
  • She’s afraid that if she asks her client to stop unloading on her (she’s a VA), she’ll be fired
  • She’s also afraid of being a bitch
  • Why sacrificing yourself for the sake of another NEVER works
  • Finding the balance between being a doormat and being a bitch
  • She’s tried to avoid the negative people, but they just keep following her
  • How to get away from negative people at parties/social situations without telling someone to f&#k off
  • Why NOT setting boundaries is so damaging
  • How she’s blocking the positive people from coming into her reality
  • Why it’s often easier being negative than positive (for most people)
  • The belief that a willingness to suffering others is somehow valuable and why it’s total BS
  • Why bad self-esteem isn’t nearly as hard to overcome as people think it is
  • Why arrogance doesn’t actually exist
  • How and why to stop comparing yourself to others
  • Why raising your self-esteem will never lead to arrogance (which doesn’t exist)
  • Generating a list of awesomeness that will actually change her vibration
  • How she can meet up with a more positive version of her negative client
  • What she can say to her client when she’s being negative
  • How you can be the ultimate control freak, LOA style 🙂