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#054 Relationship Help – She Keeps Attracting the Same Needy Women


This client keeps reliving the same relationship issues over and over again – needy women who depend on her to be uplifted. On top of that, she finds herself at a crossroads with her career, having just been laid off and not knowing which direction to head in.

Although we were only really able to tackle the relationship issue, we were able to draw quite a few parallels to her job situation (this is quite common). Listen in as we dissect the belief system that’s causing all the trouble and shift her towards a completely different type of relationship.

Topics covered on this call

  • Over the last 4-5 years, she’s noticed that none of her relationships have lasted 3-6 months
  • At 37, she feels like she’s going through a mid-life crisis
  • She was recently laid off and doesn’t know where to go from here
  • The last time she had a long term relationship was 10 years ago
  • She keeps attracting partners that she has to uplift
  • If she gets a negative feeling from a new partner, is that her intuition or her fear?
  • Finding the parallels between her relationships and her job
  • When can you elicit a different version of your partner and when should you get out?
  • What goes wrong with most relationships (that go bad)
  • How she keeps herself stuck in the same kinds of relationships
  • Why it can seem that “women/men are ALL the same” (and why that’s BS)
  • She already manifested someone who met nearly all her criteria, but with one deal breaker
  • The significance (generally) of attracting long distance relationships
  • Why she keeps attracting need women (and why they’re so damn needy)
  • She made a list of things she wants in a woman. We review it and fine tune it
  • She feels that she’s an empath and that her partner’s foul mood will affect her
  • What she can do to stabilize her vibration and make herself less susceptible to influence
  • She feels like her partners take their issues out on her
  • Why that’s happening and what to do about it
  • Is being positively focused (not letting others affect you) the same as not setting boundaries?
  • What she can do when her girlfriendĀ  had a bad day and needs to vent