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#055 Reigniting This Makeup Artist’s Passion


This former successful makeup artist got married and lost all confidence in her ability to attract clients. Now divorced, she’s trying to get her mojo back, but is finding it tough going, with L.A. agents, fellow artists and her negative boyfriend all working against her. Listen in as I help her have the breakthrough she needs in order to reignite her passion, and ultimately line her up with the life she really wants.

Topics covered on this call

  • She used to very financially successful, but it all fell apart when she got married
  • She’s now divorced and with a new, great guy, but her money situation hasn’t changed
  • She wants to go back to her old career as a celebrity makeup artist, even though it’s not really her passion anymore
  • Her new passion is to become an actress
  • Is it ok for her focus on this old, passionless career first? My answer may surprise you
  • How to determine what the BEST feeling choice is
  • Can a passion for something be reignited?
  • The brilliant, spiritual value that makeup artists and hairdressers and stylists (can) provide
  • Why her old agent took her back and then immediately dropped her
  • What she needs to focus on to line herself up with clients
  • Some of the jobs she’s gotten sent on went horribly wrong. Why?
  • Is she too old to work in L.A.?
  • She’s afraid she’s out of touch with the current trends
  • How to line up with the kind of jobs she wants, instead of what others are telling her she’ll have to make do with
  • The difference between catering to the “Walmart” crowd and working at her highest potential
  • How to get more of what you want by managing your reactions
  • She can get into a good feeling, but she can’t seem to stay there
  • What can she do when her family/friends/boyfriend bombard her with negative opinions
  • How she can keep from focusing on what she DOESN’T yet have
  • How self-discipline is actually meant to be used (and how people twist it)
  • How the way she’s seeing her relationship with her boyfriend is blocking her success