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#056 She Doesn’t Think She’s Good Enough To Make Friends


This is a brilliant call. I don’t think I’ve ever fought so hard with any client to make myself heard. We worked through a MASSIVE amount of resistance. On the way, we covered how to attract people and find friends, how to find your own value, what inspired action really is and how to counteract fear and a negative mindset. Oh, and I also go on the best rant on how to be in the NOW that I’ve ever offered.

I did several fist pumps myself while editing this call. I think just about everyone should listen to it.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s identified her fear, but doesn’t know how to shift it
  • Although she counts her blessings, she feels like she’d like to have more “luck”
  • She feels invisible
  • Other people aren’t able to see her because they’re so busy with their own lives
  • She’s never in the right place at the right time
  • She doesn’t doubt her own value but doesn’t think that other people see it
  • If other people don’t see her value, then she can’t get what she wants
  • She sees other people as the obstacle to getting what she wants
  • She feels like she has no real friends
  • She wants to be friends with the super successful, but doesn’t think she has anything to offer them at this time because she’s not successful enough
  • She’s reached out to people, but they’re always too busy for her
  • Defining what makes a friend “valuable”
  • She’s afraid that she’s shallow, because she really wants to hang out with people in high society
  • She feels like she “messed up” her marriage because she couldn’t find a job
  • How the fact that she’s not as shallow as she thinks is actually creating a discord
  • What she can offer others so that they’ll want to hang out with her
  • What she must do so that others see her true value
  • Finding her own true value
  • Dissecting her limiting beliefs about herself (decisions she made long ago, which are no longer serving her)
  • What she’s doing in interactions with people that’s keeping them from becoming friends
  • Probably the best rant I’ve ever offered on how to be in the “Now”
  • She’s having a hard time finding something that gives her joy
  • How to recognize inspired action