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#057 Why Light Workers Often Had Painful Childhoods


This call is a little bit longer than normal (about 15 minutes more), but I wasn’t willing to cut out anything. With every light worker (healers, teachers, coaches, uplifters) having a difficult time of it lately, with tons of resistance coming up, this call couldn’t have come at a better time. The client from Call #015 returns after one year to continue her journey. The original aim of this session was to work on her money vibration, and we did, but the journey went much, much deeper than that.

Why did so many light workers experience such difficult childhoods? Why were we so incredibly misunderstood, harassed, bullied, ostracized and shunned? What conclusions did that cause us to come to regarding our original intentions and abilities? And most of all, what can we do now to clear those old decisions and shine so brightly we’ll help to usher in the new, happy, shiny reality? If you’re a light worker (and if you’re on my blog, chances are very good that you are, even if you don’t earn your living as one), this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • We addressed some of her money issues in Call #015. While these beliefs are completely cleared now, she still can’t manifest as much money as she’d like
  • She realizes that she’s not allowing her life to be easy, but she has no idea what the belief could be
  • She was severely bullied as a child, even to the extent of being set on fire
  • She’s afraid of being who she really is, since it led to such torture in the past
  • None of the adults, even her own parents, stood up for her or even believed her when she tried to get help
  • She was born with a STRONG, intense energy, which caused people around her to be afraid of her and created a backlash
  • Because of her sensitivity to energy, she reacted quickly and cried easily
  • Why light workers have often had a difficult childhood
  • Why people often reacted in a volatile and sometimes even violent way to light worker children
  • How light worker children came to such twisted and painful conclusions about themselves
  • Why we never have an obligation to help anyone, and why believing that we do is so damaging
  • Why she retreated into her own world as a child, and why that was a good thing (even though it got her into trouble)
  • What high energy people and Spiderman have in common
  • How these beliefs from her childhood are tied to her money vibration
  • Why she’ll actually be more successful in attracting money if she stops focusing on money, and what to focus on instead
  • What she can do (exact steps) to filter who comes into her reality, so she can feel safe and let her light shine without negative repercussions
  • How she can tell herself a new story about her childhood
  • The difference between telling a new story and denial
  • How the world’s healers are “leveling up” right now
  • Why we have to be willing to sound like total nutbags 😉