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  • #058 The Darkness Within Her and Her ADD are Making Her Miserable

#058 The Darkness Within Her and Her ADD are Making Her Miserable


We covered a lot of ground on this call. This client felt that she had a darkness within her, some force that caused her to sabotage herself and have negative thoughts. She also felt that she was being psychically attacked by various people, including me. This led us on a journey where we explored what her darkness was, whether or not we can hurt each other by directing dark thoughts or fears at someone else, and how some symptoms of ADD are actually nothing more than defensive mechanisms. We also discussed some self-esteem issues and touched upon an issue involving racism.

Topics covered on this call

Disclaimer: We do discuss racism in this call, but not from the perspective of clearing it. There’s only so much one can do in an hour. This caller comes from India, where a certain amount of racism is still often acceptable. I worked within these beliefs, meaning that I didn’t judge them, in order to help the caller with her current problem. I was in no way condoning racism, and at the end of the call, I explain why I adopted this strategy. I do realize that this call has a lot of potential to offend people, but I also believe that the time has come to stop ignoring big issues such as these and drag them out into the light to be released, with compassion and total lack of judgment. If we’re not willing to talk openly about even our ugliest beliefs, we cannot clear them and any related conflicts.

Second Disclaimer: I drop the F-Bomb on this call. While I don’t really understand why people are offended by cursing, or more offended by some words than others, and while their offendedness isn’t about to stop me from expressing myself with the words I feel will get the job done, I’m happy to give y’all an F-Bomb warning. Of course, for some of you, this will serve more as an advertisement and double incentive to listen. You’re welcome.

  • She feels that there’s a darkness within her, which causes her to act in ways that aren’t herself
  • When she meditates, she feels something dark trying to come up
  • She has had dreams of a snake, which seem scary to her
  • Is there really a darkness within her (or anyone), or is it something else?
  • Why believing that what she’s experiencing comes from darkness is keeping her stuck
  • What the snake in her dreams really means (hint: it’s not a symbol of evil)
  • She often feels that she’s being psychically attacked
  • She even felt that I (Melody) was psychically attacking her. Was she really connecting with my energy?
  • Figuring out what she was actually experiencing
  • She’s afraid that she can hurt others with her thoughts
  • Can we psychically attack each other? Can we connect with others and hurt them with our energy? Do we connect with others when we think of them?
  • What did her sudden headache mean? Wasn’t that evidence of an attack or rogue evil intentions?
  • She feels that she has trouble changing her beliefs or focusing in a positive way because of her ADD
  • A big ol’ rant about the insanity of the beliefs around ADD
  • How a lot of her “ADD” symptoms are actually a defensive mechanism
  • Digging into an old memory to help get some energy moving
  • Her in-laws criticize her skin color, causing her to feel like she’s not good enough
  • How she can become more powerful than her super critical, jealous in-laws
  • What she can do to help her focus when doing energy work (despite her ADD)