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#059 She Wants To Grow Her Business But She’s Overthinking It


This was an awesome call. Although we officially talked about business growth, it’s actually more of a summary and perfect demonstration of how to do this work in a way that can be applied to any situation. You’ll see exactly how to figure out what the underlying belief is, how to uncover the fears that are blocking you and how to release them.

During this process, we also dissect several beliefs that most people hold on to and blow them out of the water. The call also makes one point very clear: This work is a lot simpler and easier than we usually make it out to be. We tend to overthink things way too much and have way too little trust. Why do we do that and how can we stop? Listen to this call and find out!

Topics covered on this call

  • She has two companies, but they’ve never grown the way she’s wanted them to
  • Her businesses are making money, but not nearly as much as she wants them to as much as she thinks they can
  • This feeling of stagnation and non-growth is being mirrored in her home life – her adult children are still living at home and haven’t really started their lives
  • Using the parallels between the two situations to find the limiting belief (excellent example of feeling our way through the patterns to identify the specifics of the underlying belief)
  • Why issues that seem really big, often aren’t, and how blowing things way out of proportion is counterproductive
  • Why she thought she was dealing with it, but she really wasn’t
  • Dragging her fear out into the light so it can be released (it’s always much less scary than we think it will be)
  • What most people do “wrong” when they’re making lists of things to appreciate
  • A perfect demonstration of how to do it “right”
  • Demonstrating how when you activate the vision of what you want, the obstacles (resistance) to manifesting that vision will “pop up”
  • Building TRUST that what she wants can and will happen
  • Forgetting about the HOW
  • How to use the concept of co-creation to take the pressure off herself
  • Why the whole “no pain, no gain” mentality is insane, and if true, would’ve led to the extinction of all species long ago
  • What the honey bee can teach us about living a joyous, passionate life and creating win-win situations
  • Why it’s unnecessary for anyone to be doing anything they don’t want to do (and bringing that concept into the real world)
  • Using this reminder of the win-win scenario to broaden her perspective and open up possibilities she couldn’t previously see
  • Why gifting is better than bartering
  • Why the way we currently do business and our monetary system often cause us to limit the amount of energy that can flow
  • Bringing it full circle – applying the clarity she’s gained about her business to her kids