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  • #060 She’s Not Asking for Much, So Why Can’t She Find a Man?

#060 She’s Not Asking for Much, So Why Can’t She Find a Man?


This client has been single for a long time after getting her heart horrifically broken. Now, every time she begins to really like a guy, he does a 180 and runs for the hills. Why?

Listen in as we dig into her resistance, dispel a whole lot of myths about relationships and men, and finally get her focused on what she truly wants. This is a fun call, good for pretty much any single who’s looking to hook up.

Warning: This call contains the F-Bomb (but only once, and it’s funny).

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s been single for a long time
  • Whenever she becomes romantically interested in someone, they run away, even if they seemed to like her before
  • How we look for rejection, even where there is now
  • Why even nice guys act like douchebags now and then
  • What’s really happening when men suddenly lose interest and run away
  • What causes people to be attracted to each other
  • What she can learn from her vacation fling that can help her have a proper relationship
  • The #1 thing that people do wrong when looking for a relationship
  • The massive misconception about what the “perfect man” looks like
  • She had her heart broken years ago and is now afraid to be hurt again
  • Why this breakup was not the origin of her issues
  • Why “just getting back out there” after a bad breakup isn’t the best or easiest option
  • Why all the advice on what to day and not to say on dates is pretty much bullshit
  • Why even long standing issues aren’t necessarily due to a HUGE, hard to remove belief
  • Using her list of “ideal qualities” to figure out where her resistance is
  • Why being humble when creating your list of ideal qualities is a really, really bad idea
  • Addressing the myth that men don’t want a relationship