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#061 She Wants to Permanently Lose her Weight Once and for All


This is the one you’ve been waiting for! It’s all about weight loss. This reader wants to lose “a whole person”. We explore the general, energetic reasons for weight gain, and then delve into the specific reasons for why her body is keeping her fat. I even offer some non-diet, diet tips.

Although I can only do so much in an hour (the call does run a bit long), this call is packed with as much weight loss info as I could cram in there, including tons of real world advice you can start implementing today. I even threw in my personal breakfast smoothie recipe. You’re welcome.

Topics covered on this call

  • She wants her outside to reflect how she feels on the inside (she wants to lose a “whole person”)
  • She often uses her weight as an excuse to not do things she wants to do
  • She’s tried every diet known to man, and taken all the actions she can think of
  • She lost a large amount of weight on a liquid fast, but it all came back when she got pregnant
  • What “your weight is not the problem, it’s a symptom” actually really means (and why most people don’t really “get” what that means)
  • Why sacrificing (torturing ourselves with horrible diets) isn’t a good way to reach your goals
  • What the real goal is (HINT: It’s NOT to get thin but be afraid to eat anything, EVER, for the rest of your life)
  • The general, energetic reason that most people gain weight
  • Why your body is NOT sabotaging you in your weight loss efforts
  • Why diets don’t work
  • Why the U.S. has so many fat people
  • Why using “guilty pleasures” as a reward isn’t a good idea (it’s not the calories)
  • What emotional eating really is and why simply trying to replace it with some distraction usually doesn’t work (and how to make it work)
  • Digging up her food denial/the lies she tells herself about the food she eats (again, it’s not about the calories)
  • She has shut down her emotions. What does numbness generally mean?
  • How her job factors into her weight
  • Exploring how she can connect with her passion to help her raise her vibration, and working through her resistance around that
  • My 3 rules on eating dessert that will allow you to stop the deprivation (which you can apply to all foods)
  • Rebuilding the trust you have with yourself, broken by all the times you told yourself you wouldn’t eat something, but then did (broken promises to the self)
  • Some non-diet diet advice (because I know y’all want to know about the food)
  • My personal Raw Chocolate Berry Smoothie recipe (the one I have every morning)
  • My tip for very gentle but very effective detoxing (it’s not juicing or fasting, those are not “gentle”)