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  • #062 She Wants to Be Promoted At Work and Play a Bigger Game

#062 She Wants to Be Promoted At Work and Play a Bigger Game


This client wants to be given more responsibility at work. Listen in as I give her real world advice mixed with the energetic explanation for why it works. We also explored her true passion and how she can move towards that without necessarily quitting her job now (or ever€¦), why NOW is the perfect time to start playing a bigger game and why it’s now easier than ever to manifest the life you want. This call is for all those who have been playing small, are afraid to be greedy for wanting a big life, and who would like to bust out of that shell and really go for it. 

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s feeling lost and dissatisfied with every aspect of her life
  • She knows that she’s taking things way too seriously
  • She feels that she’s greedy because she wants “too much”
  • Why sacrificing your happiness and joy for ANY REASON is insane. Yes, insane
  • She has been muting her desires, and playing a much smaller game than she wants to
  • She’s always wanted more responsibility at work, and her bosses have promised that they’ll give her more, but it’s never worked out
  • The real world (non-woo-woo), and energy (woo-woo) solutions, that will get her promoted at work
  • Why learning to say “no” (diplomatically), actually gets you farther at work
  • How you teach people how to treat you (an actual example)
  • Why learning to set boundaries correctly (instead of taking it and taking it and then blowing up) will keep you from getting reprimanded
  • She’s fallen out of touch with her passion
  • Figuring out what she’s here to do, and how she can express that through ANY activity
  • How to overcome the fear of change
  • Why she doesn’t have to just quit her job right now
  • How she can use incidents from her personal life to help “fix” her work vibration
  • How fast should manifestations arrive? How can she tell if she should be more patient or if she’s truly stuck?
  • Why humility messes up people’s vibrations
  • How to make sure you’re dreaming big enough
  • Why it’s easier to shift energy since the whole 2012 thing
  • Why NOW is not the time to play small