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#063 She Wants Help with her Delinquent Teenage Son


This mother is worried about her 14 year old son, who has gotten into some habits that she and society disapproves of. Is he headed down a horrible path, or is something else going on? This call is relevant to all parents of teenagers (current and future), and well, the teenagers themselves. Quick warning: This may be the most politically incorrect call I’ve ever done (I don’t care), because I tell the truth. It might be interesting to listen to this WITH your teenager and see what incredibly interesting conversations come up.

This call ended up being a little longer than normal, but I wasn’t willing to cut out even a single word.

Topics covered on this call

  • She feels like if she could just move to a different area, his troubles would go away
  • Why is she attracting this situation to HER reality?
  • How can she match up with a different version of her son?
  • Her son has gotten into smoking pot and skipping school. Has she lost control?
  • What our desire to “control” our children stems from and why it’s a losing battle
  • Why we don’t have to feel badly about that (control isn’t needed)
  • Why seeing teenagers as children is a big mistake
  • Why today’s teenagers seem “worse” than past generations
  • How to see and honor your teenager’s wisdom (yes, they have wisdom)
  • The truth about smoking marijuana (yes, I know I’ll get some shtick for this, I don’t care. I tell it like it is)
  • Why demonizing alcohol and marijuana shuts down all authentic conversation, and what to do instead
  • What’s really happening when people “ruin their lives” with alcohol and drugs and how to check if that’s what’s happening with her son
  • The one mindset shift that will instantly improve communication with teenagers
  • Why her son is skipping school and why discipline isn’t going to be effective
  • How focusing on her son’s passions can help him do better at school overall
  • Getting some perspective on the importance of doing well in school, and why many kids today just aren’t buying it anymore
  • Counteracting his teacher’s limiting beliefs
  • Why most people giving advice to teenagers aren’t qualified to do so
  • The best way to uplift and inspire her son
  • Guiding her son versus just trying to tell him what to do
  • How to work herself into a much better feeling place before trying to guide her son
  • How to determine which rules are valid, and which ones need to be dropped
  • How you can actually help your kids manifest negative experiences by pushing your fears onto them