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  • #064 How Can She Accept Her Future Son-In-Law?

#064 How Can She Accept Her Future Son-In-Law?


This mother of an adult daughter is having a hard time accepting her future son in law. He’s cheated on her daughter, lied and taken drugs. Her daughter left him, but now they’re back together and there’s a baby in the picture. How can she make peace with this man and forgive him for all the pain he’s caused? Can she bring her family back together?

Topics covered on this call

  • Her adult daughter is in a toxic relationship and it really worries her
  • She (the daughter) had broken up with this man, but now they’re back together and it’s caused a great strain on the mother/daughter relationship and the entire family
  • She really wants to fix her relationship with her daughter, but can’t seem to get over her disapproval of her daughter’s boyfriend
  • She’s tried visualization and meditation, but it hasn’t helped
  • How did she manifest this situation, and which part of this is actually her manifestation?
  • How judgment hurts us
  • The difference between judgment and comparison
  • Why her daughter is right to rebel against her (the mother’s) judgment
  • Why the fact that her daughter is fighting her is a GOOD sign
  • Taking a look at just what’s so toxic about this boyfriend
  • Dissecting his “unacceptable” behavior and helping her to understand it
  • Why do people do drugs (in this case, cocaine)?
  • Why do people lie?
  • Why do people cheat?
  • How having a baby (the pregnancy and actual birth) dramatically change someone’s vibration
  • These vibrational changes are not just experienced by the mother of the child, but by everyone involved, including the father
  • What does her daughter see in this man that the mother hast not (yet) seen?
  • Why she must ALLOW this man to change and how to do that
  • Why those who struggle the most, are the strongest, most ambitious amongst us and why we would do well to cheer them on instead of condemning them
  • Bonus Issue (We had some time left over): Her sister, whom she hasn’t spoken to for 5/6 years, contacted her the day before this call. What does that mean?
  • Digging into why she and her sister fell out – her sister falsely accused her son of stealing a few years ago
  • Understanding her sister’s reaction. Why do people freak out like that?
  • Your family members almost always have the ability to keep up with your vibration


Happy Update (I received this very next day after this call):

“Hi magical melody,

After speaking with you last night my hubby and I went for a drink, and my daughter texted and asked to join us with her boyfriend. We all had a lovely evening… After 2 years of heartache we are finally moving on – amazing and they really are very happy.  

Thank you so much! You say it’s not therapy what you do; I think it’s so much more.

Many thanks again

Anon & family 🙂 xxx

I’m so happy x”