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#065 She Wants Help Manifesting Her Dream House


After a financial setback left her and her husband living with her parents, this client wanted help lining up with her dream house. Although we sifted through beliefs about money and abundance, I think the real and even bigger value of this call lies in the fact that we so clearly demonstrated several key processes and techniques, and dissected the anatomy of beliefs more clearly than ever before. This call is like a course on the Law of Attraction and how to release resistance. Enjoy!

Topics covered on this call

  • About 1.5 years ago, her husband lost his job and they moved back in her parents
  • Although she’s enjoying the freedom from money anxiety (which she’s always struggled with), she would really like to move back into a space of their own
  • She’s found her dream home, but can they afford it?
  • She feels like she has no control over how much money she spends
  • While she has a handle on things, she hates budgeting
  • She feels guilty when she spends money on herself
  • Figuring out what her feeling of dread around money is all about
  • Why she can’t find the memories of abundance from her childhood
  • How a seemingly meaningless memory holds the key to figuring out and releasing her resistance (and why you should ALWAYS pay attention to recurring memories)
  • How seeking security can lead to a life-long (metaphorical) prison sentence
  • Dissecting her willingness to sacrifice and compromise (which totally isn’t serving her)
  • Ferreting out her resistance to the specific dream house she found and releasing it
  • Should she pay more for the house than she’s comfortable with?
  • How aligned is she with her fear? How much of an obstacle is it? How can we tell?
  • Why it’s really not that hard to change beliefs (so you know, just chillax)
  • How to use the right questions to instantly shift your vibration to a more positive place
  • Peek inside my bag of LOA Tricks
  • Why I recommend against digging around in your past, looking for problems, and what to do instead
  • Demonstrating how even obvious seeming solutions are invisible when they don’t match your current vibration, and how they become visible as soon as you shift some resistance
  • How children can teach us how to deal with resistance