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  • #066 When You’re SOOOO Close: Shifting Subtle, Hard to Find Resistance

#066 When You’re SOOOO Close: Shifting Subtle, Hard to Find Resistance


This call is an excellent example of how hard it can be to find the subtle pieces of resistance, when you’re ALMOST there, but not quite. This client can’t seem to find steady employment, although her vibration is so close to being lined up. Listen in as I demonstrate how to sift through all the available evidence to find that needle in a haystack. Woot! Woot!

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s had a lot of success with LOA, but can’t seem to attract the job she wants
  • She keeps manifesting small jobs, but nothing permanent
  • The small jobs she’s getting meet all her criteria, it’s just that the income isn’t steady
  • A major downturn in the construction market, caused her to lose her job as an architect
  • She’s been bridging the gap with crappy little jobs in call centers
  • She wants to be flexible and be able to travel to South America every year
  • Is her freedom more important than having a job?
  • Does she have to sacrifice her freedom for security?
  • She’s ALMOST vibrationally aligned, but something small is still off
  • Hunting down the subtle bit of resistance that’s blocking her (playing detective)
  • Why some bits of resistance are so damn subtle and hard to find (the two main reasons)
  • The insidious (and totally unnecessary) way in which parents often block their own happiness
  • Finding that needle in a haystack and shifting it (once we finally found it, it just crumbled)