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  • #068 Dealing With a Negative Partner Who Doesn’t Believe in LOA

#068 Dealing With a Negative Partner Who Doesn’t Believe in LOA


Do you have a partner who doesn’t understand or believe in the LOA? You’re going to love this call! We cover a lot of ground, both theoretical and very, very practical. Learn what you can do, via real life examples, to deal with a negative partner who just “refuses” to understand that they create their own reality, and stay in your happy shiny puppy vibration. 

Warning: This call contains the F-Bomb. Now you can’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Topics covered on this call

  • She does her best to recognize the miracles and abundance all around her, but her non-LOA husband keeps reminding her how horrible the world is
  • She has no problem keeping her vibration up when she’s on her own, but when she’s with him, she can’t seem to hold onto it
  • Why trying to be positive around his negativity may not be possible right now, and what she needs to do instead
  • Explaining why her husband’s vibration has so much power over her
  • What to do when people start complaining, and why it’s harder to do that with family (but why you need to do it anyway)
  • How can she refuse to engage in his negativity without feeling like she’s not being supportive?
  • Since he’s her husband, don’t his decisions (and the limiting beliefs that cause them) affect her?
  • What can she do when she sees him actively limiting himself?
  • What if she’s a match to abundance and he’s not?
  • Is her husband still led by an inner being if he doesn’t know that he is?
  • Getting into specifics – how she’s inviting his energy to affect her, and how she can stop doing that
  • Why she can’t win a logical argument with her husband (he always out argues her), and why she doesn’t need to
  • Some private information about my bathroom habits that no one needed to know (but which make a powerful point)