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#070 Why Didn’t She Get Her Dream Job?? Plus, How to Set Boundaries


This client is frustrated and stressed in her current job. She thought she’d manifested the perfect alternative and applied, but then didn’t get it. Why not? Listen in as I explain why nothing went wrong, and how she had actually been moving TOWARDS her Dream Job (and can do so again).

We also covered a great deal of ground on how manifestation actually works (I offer my newest metaphor, which you have not read about on the blog), and why it’s so hard for most of us to actually implement the simple process, as well as a ton of strategies for setting boundaries with demanding people.

I think everyone should listen to this call, whether you’re frustrated in your job or not. It so perfectly illustrates the concepts of manifesting and deliberately receiving, that anyone wanting to learn how to apply LOA can’t afford to miss it.


F-Bomb Alert – one teensy f-bomb was dropped. I know this seems like a warning, but I’m beginning to think this is more of an advertisement. Ha.


Topics covered on this call

  • This Special Education teacher loves her work with kids, but hates the bureaucracy of the education system
  • She’s being pulled in a million different directions and feels like she can’t be her “best self” at work
  • She’s tired of being so stressed out
  • She feels like she’s an introvert, and the job is better suited to extroverts
  • How the definition of introvert and extrovert that most people adhere to is incredibly limiting, and a new definition that offers more freedom
  • The real reason she’s so exhausted and drained at the end of each day
  • She claims that doesn’t know what she’d like to do instead. Why that’s BS
  • She actually attracted the perfect job recently, but ended up not getting it. Why not??
  • She visualized and felt great about the job. What did she do wrong?
  • How people misinterpret their manifestations in a way that actually keeps them from getting what they want, even if they’re incredibly close
  • The real reason she didn’t get the job and why that’s a GOOD thing
  • A new metaphor to help you understand the process of manifestation and how almost all of us manage to screw it up
  • How she can interpret her manifestation (the “perfect” job) in a way that will get her closer to what she wants
  • How her perspective on manifesting (that most people share) is messing up her manifestations
  • Why it’s so hard for us to truly believe and implement the simple formula for manifesting
  • How focusing on her “blockages” is actually keeping her stuck and the simple thing she should be doing instead
  • How she misinterpreted a good sign as a bad sign (something nearly everyone does)
  • How we use time pressure to torture ourselves needlessly
  • What she can do to use her current job to help her line up with her dream job
  • How can she stop feeling like she’s pulled in a million different directions at work
  • How the children she teaches can help her learn how to set boundaries
  • The elements of successful boundary setting – acknowledgement, managing expectations, and others
  • Why people throw tantrums when you start setting boundaries and how to handle it when they do
  • Why those of you who think that you can’t set boundaries in YOUR job, because your situation is different, are wrong. Yes, you are. Stop arguing.