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  • #071 Manifesting a Truly Balanced Relationship by Using her Past, Dysfunctional Ones

#071 Manifesting a Truly Balanced Relationship by Using her Past, Dysfunctional Ones


This caller was tired of feeling like she wasn’t good enough. A former girlfriend had even told her she wasn’t attractive enough. Listen in as we dig through her limiting beliefs to line her up with the balanced, non-dysfunctional relationship she’s always wanted.

This call will help all those who would like a balanced relationship, as well as those who frequently feel taken advantage of.

Topics covered on this call

  • She feels her love life is hampered by her low self-esteem and needy loneliness
  • She wants her relationships to be easier and more fearless
  • She’s afraid of being left heart broken
  • Does she actually believe that she’s not good enough, or is this just something she’s assuming is the problem?
  • Her last relationship was with someone who (apparently) had borderline personality disorder
  • Explaining the real dynamic behind the dysfunction of her last relationship
  • The difference between comparing and judging
  • Why the people that call us selfish are usually the most selfish of all (the negative type of selfishness)
  • Why she was never going to make her ex happy and why it wasn’t her job
  • How to use the concept of “setting standards” to manifest better partners
  • How people who like to help others often create an imbalance in their relationships
  • Her last girlfriend told her after three months that she wasn’t attractive enough for her. What was that really about?
  • Why not being attracted to someone is not the same as them not being attractive
  • Why other people’s opinions don’t have to affect how you feel about yourself
  • What exactly is “Love at first sight”?
  • The difference between qualities that represent the holy grail and those that should be the bare minimum and how many people get those two mixed up
  • Figuring out what she really wants and cleaning up the words she’s using to connect with that vision
  • Demonstrating how the list of words that resonate with us positively can morph and change as our vibration changes (even within minutes!)
  • My secret (ok, not anymore) and super simple technique for making peace with where you are right now and allowing more
  • Some examples of what a relationship with an emotionally stable partner actually looks like
  • How to set boundaries and honor yourself without becoming intolerant of others’ mistakes or limitations (i.e. the difference between being willing to walk away and running at the first sign of any unwanted qualities)
  • The secret to a happy relationship
  • Are painless breakups possible?
  • Once again, a cat helps us demonstrates one of callers main limiting beliefs right there on the call! Ha.