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  • #072 The Definition of Success and how to Line Up with It

#072 The Definition of Success and how to Line Up with It


This is call is just AWESOME! In it, I break down what success really is, why and how we have to define it, and how to line up with it. Although we dig into the details of the caller’s life to some extent, this call is more general in nature and therefore, will appeal to a larger audience. Basically, anyone who wants more success in their lives should listen to this puppy. 

Topics covered on this call

  • She feels like she never has enough money
  • She feels that she has a lot of blockages when it comes to money, but can’t seem to figure out what they are
  • She feels stuck in a negative cycle when it comes to work
  • She finds herself procrastinating a lot when it comes to tasks that she doesn’t want to do and then ends up feeling guilty
  • She knows that she’d like to have an internet based company, where she wants to help people. She wants freedom
  • She thinks she might like to be a coach, but how can she coach others if she can’t even help herself
  • The difference between being a perfect manifestor and being able to help others (they are not always the same thing!)
  • How her own struggles will actually make her a better coach
  • Why only going for the big goals isn’t a good idea (and really doesn’t work). We have to make peace with the process
  • The main reason that people have such a hard time making peace with the process
  • She’s made it into an intellectual journey, instead of an emotional one (like most of my readers)
  • Getting her in touch with what she really wants in a way that will light the fire she’s been looking for
  • How making money the goal causes us to massively limit our success
  • What if making money is the thing that brings her the most joy?
  • Telling the difference between the goal and the path (what is the real passion?)
  • What exactly is success?
  • She feels that being successful and striving for success isn’t “noble”
  • Her family was always oriented away from success and negatively judged her focus on success
  • The difference between doing this work with a coach and doing it on your own
  • What you need to be careful of when you delve into your past, especially when you’re doing this work alone
  • How to feel successful even if you haven’t yet  made a lot of money
  • The difference between incremental and slow growth
  • Why you can’t not be “noble”
  • How you can’t fail to fulfill your purpose
  • Discovering how she’s already manifesting success in her life
  • Figuring out what she really wants, and focusing on next steps
  • The incremental art of building success by moving towards the next step (using the story of my own business), without having to know what the final outcome will look like
  • And then I curse. Deal with it 😛