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#073 Overcoming Her Fear of Commitment


This client wanted to face her fear of commitment. After taking herself out of the dating game for a while, she feared attracting the same terrible relationship she’d had before. Although she went out with a nice guy, she found herself compelled to break up with him. Listen in as we get to the root of her fear and shift some massive energy. All you commitment-phobes, listen up!

Topics covered on this call

  • She felt her intuition told her to break up with her boyfriend and she did, but now she’s not sure it was the right thing
  • Was her decision based on intuition or fear? How can you tell the difference?
  • The number one reason that most people stay in a relationship that’s no longer serving them
  • Is it possible that they might get back together one day?
  • She thinks that what she wants is “lame”. Why that is
  • She says that she wants to get married, but does she?
  • Getting to the root of her fear of commitment
  • She stopped dating for a few years after a terrible relationship to try and regroup. Why that was an unusual and brave thing to do
  • Will she recreate that terrible relationship now?
  • Figuring out what her actual (not feared) relationship vibe is right now
  • What if she’s finally ready for commitment, but the guy she loves isn’t?
  • The fastest way to get your vibration to go backwards (instead of where you want it to go)
  • She feels that her empathic abilities get in the way. How can she tell what her stuff and what’s his stuff?
  • She can’t seem to stop obsessing about his ex-girlfriend
  • Figuring out what she really wants (not lame)
  • Overcoming her negative expectations
  • The technique I love to use to overcome massive amounts of resistance

I mentioned another call on empathy during this session. For those who would like to check it out, you can find it here: Coaching Call #067 – Her Friend’s Negative Energy Keeps Affecting Her