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  • #075 Her Life Was Going Great. Why Did It All Fall Apart?

#075 Her Life Was Going Great. Why Did It All Fall Apart?


This former social services worker found herself in her worst nightmare when her own kids were temporarily taken away. She thought her life was going great when it all just fell apart. What really happened? Why did she have to go through all this pain? How did it serve her? And most of all, how can she move forward and rebuild?

Don’t worry. This call isn’t nearly as dark as it sounds. There’s a happy ending, and tons of lessons for parents, relationship advice, money talk, and best of all, ways to empower yourself and bounce back from a period of extreme chaos.

Topics covered on this call

  • She thought her life was going really well, and then it all fell apart. She’s at a total loss as to what happened
  • Was her life really going perfect?
  • What it generally means when things “seemingly” fall apart
  • Her relationship ended and her children chose to go into foster care
  • Although her kids are back now, she can’t figure out why she had to go through this painful process in the first place
  • Why did her children feel the need to fabricate a story that took them away from her for a while and how could that possibly have served them all?
  • The definition of a great relationship that most people are blind to
  • The children claimed that they’d made up stories of abuse because they weren’t getting their way. Was it really that petty, or is there a deeper reason?
  • She doesn’t want her children to repeat her mistakes. Isn’t that just natural or is this stance causing her to focus on herself and her kids in a way that doesn’t serve any of them?
  • She feels that she’s failed her children
  • She managed to successfully remove herself and her kids from an abusive relationship, but the fact that she had been in it in the first place, still haunts her
  • How can she let go of her immense guilt?
  • What are her actual responsibilities as a parent? Isn’t making her children happy one of them?
  • The difference between making people happy and being there for them
  • Why the lonely get lonelier
  • How did this break from her kids actually serve her?
  • Letting go of control – how to look at it in a way that doesn’t cause parents to have panic attacks
  • Being a mentor and guide vs. being a control monster
  • Why are her children now asking to bring back the situation they worked so hard to get out of?
  • Money is tight right now. How can she feel some relief now?
  • Practical advice on how to deal with creditors in a positive way
  • They can’t do all the activities that they used to do (due to lack of money). How can she turn this around and focus positively?
  • Are her kids really missing out because she can’t buy them the “right” clothes, etc.?
  • How experiencing LESS money can actually help her kids develop a much healthier abundance vibe
  • Do your kids have to keep up with the other kids? (Of course not, but how do you really make peace with that?)
  • How to help your children feel successful
  • Why parents of powerful kids often have such a hard time
  • Do you have to ask the Universe for specifics