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  • #076 How Can He Use LOA to Become A Star?

#076 How Can He Use LOA to Become A Star?


This client seems to be on the fast track to becoming the next big music producer. He’s already manifesting meetings with big names in the industry, but things just never quite seem to come together in the end. How is he blocking his success?

What does it feel like to be a star? How can someone become famous without falling into the arrogant douchebag trap? Why do so many huge performers take drugs and how can that be avoided?

This call is basically for anyone who wants to become famous, or anyone who wants to step up their game and contribute to the world in a much bigger way. Are you ready for the big time? Listen to this call and find out!

Topics covered on this call

  • He keeps manifesting great opportunities for his music career, but they never quite come to fruition. Why not?
  • He understands the LOA, and has been doing all the work. Why aren’t things moving?
  • He wants to be a famous music producer
  • Dissecting his affirmations to find the lack of alignment
  • How even a small amount of resistance can wreak a lot of havoc, when you have a large desire and a lot of energy moving
  • The one thing that many performers focus on, that pinches off the energy of success
  • He feels he may be too ambitious. Is that even possible?
  • The difference between the energy of his passion for music and financial success
  • Why he doesn’t have to specifically determine who he wants to work with, which artists he wants to collaborate with, what record labels he wants to be signed on, etc.
  • How do you know which tools and techniques to use?
  • Doesn’t he have to go out there and network in order to become successful?
  • When NOT to listen to the advice of those who are already successful (not all of it’s gold, you know€¦)
  • How the Universe is actually set up to ensure that we will get what we want (and how we eff it up)
  • Possibly the best argument I’ve ever made on why choosing the path of suffering is just, well, stupid
  • Stepping into the energy of being a star (hint: it doesn’t require you to become a douchebag)
  • How to know when the Universe is calling you into action
  • How do you know if an affirmation is the perfect one for you?
  • Why you should probably get rid of affirmations you’ve had for a long time
  • How to feel like an equal to the big names in the industry
  • How to avoid going through the a$$hole phase when you do become famous
  • Why people who want to become famous  HAVE TO learn to stabilize their energy