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  • #077 Her Religious Background Is Interfering With Her LOA Work

#077 Her Religious Background Is Interfering With Her LOA Work


This client wants to become a healer, but her strong beliefs, many of them learned while going to church, are blocking her from seeing any possibility of achieving her passion.

This call is perfect for anyone who was raised in the Christian Faith and is struggling to integrate the Law of Attraction information, particularly the empowering stuff. Is there a hell? Does God really want to keep us small? How do you deal with relatives who are still mired in those beliefs? If you still have some old, religion based beliefs hanging around, this call is for you.

Please be aware that I always tailor my answers to each particular caller, so in this case, I used the word “God” a lot. You can just as easily substitute in “Universe” or “All That Is” or whatever else you want to call it. When I say God, I mean the energy of love, Who We Really Are, but I’m happy to use whatever words people can understand best.

Topics covered on this call

  • She wakes up every morning, hating her job and not wanting to go to work, but she can’t see any alternatives
  • She feels so drained and tired, she has no energy left for her family
  • She had originally wanted to be a doctor, but lost her passion for it while she was in school
  • She’d love to become a healer, but is WAY overthinking it
  • How does one become a healer in this day and age?
  • Why no two healers are exactly the same
  • Is there a place for traditional medicine in healing?
  • Does she have to go back to school and get a medical degree?
  • A healer’s mindset
  • Why healers HAVE TO be selfish
  • Why the jobs she’s applying for never work out
  • She was raised as a Christian, but she’s struggling to integrate what she’s remembering now
  • She’s afraid of telling her family that she no longer believes as they do
  • Putting a new spin on the idea of how God communicates with us
  • How did the belief that suffering is valuable come about?
  • How most people get the whole “What Would Jesus Do” thing totally wrong
  • How to qualify which opinions to listen to
  • Why the concept of hell and fire and brimstone actually serves some people
  • Why resistance hurts (it’s not a punishment)
  • Why having a high pain threshold is not a good thing
  • Why you don’t have to tell people if you disagree with them
  • Her husband has cheated on her
  • She wasn’t willing to give him the satisfaction of leaving him, because she didn’t want him to be free and happy
  • How to deal with people who like to say “I told you so”
  • The process for lining herself up with her most passionate path
  • Does she have to learn to love her crappy job?
  • Why your highest joy is not necessarily the easiest choice