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  • #078 Should She Leave her Current Boyfriend and Go For Something Better?

#078 Should She Leave her Current Boyfriend and Go For Something Better?


This caller wants to attract her perfect mate, but isn’t sure if her current relationship is capable of becoming that. Should she give up what she has now and go for something better, or should she stay? How can she tell if she’s being led to leave or just scared? And how can she deal with feelings of yearning?

This is one of those calls for pretty much everyone who wants a relationship. Or anything. Yeah, it’s one of those.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s trying to attract the perfect mate
  • She thinks she’s doing all the right things (meditating, visualizing, feeling good, etc.), but can’t figure out what blockages she has that are messing this up
  • She’s currently in a relationship, but is open to changing that – they want different things
  • What most people focus on when they talk about commitment
  • Figuring out what she really wants in a relationships
  • Why did she manifest her current, very casual relationship?
  • Is it possible to be too “allowing”?
  • How does she find the balance between asking a man to change and tolerating a situation that’s not working?
  • She feels weak about not being able to leave this man, even though he’s not ideal
  • How manifestations are like pizza (I promise you, this is a good one)
  • How co-creation works in terms of dating
  • This relationship is the best she’s ever had. Is it really ok to let it go? Isn’t that greedy?
  • How can she tell if she’s settling for less than she wants or just scared?
  • How long will she have to wait for a new guy to show up if she breaks up with this one?
  • Why you never have to worry about the next relationship not being as good as your current/past one
  • Can she use her current relationship to line up with a better one?
  • Does she even leave her current boyfriend?
  • Does constant evolution (which is inevitable) mean we have to keep changing partners?
  • How can she get rid of yearning?