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#079 Why Are Men Intimidated By Her?


I love this call. So many women are told that they are “intimidating” (I used to be one of them!). What does that really mean and can this quality keep those women from attracting love?

This caller doesn’t consider herself pretty enough or feminine enough, and has some really detrimental attitudes about men. Listen in as we get her oriented in a new direction, and I offer process after process which she can use after the call (you can only do so much in an hour) to make massive changes to her point of attraction. This call is really more of a course in relationships. There’s SOOOO much information, that we actually couldn’t get it all into one hour, and had to give you an extra 30 minutes. You’re welcome.  


Topics covered on this call

  • She’s barely dated anyone in the last years, and can’t seem to attract quality men (or anything even close to that)
  • She has a pattern of men treating her disrespectfully, and has stopped putting up with that, but no better men have come in
  • She feels that she’s not “pretty enough” or possibly feminine enough
  • She works in a male dominated world and has many skills that are traditionally male
  • She feels that men are often threatened by her
  • She does have a tendency to come on too strong sometimes. Why is that?
  • Why asking men to break through our shell and make us feel safe pretty much guarantees lifelong singledom
  • Being a strong woman without being defensive
  • She doesn’t understand why women with really “negative” characteristics (read: crazy bitches) get men, while she’s so nice but remains single
  • What determines whom we’re attracted to (aka, why are women attracted to douchebags?)
  • Why comparing yourself to fashion models is unnecessary (read: stupid)
  • What are men actually attracted to?
  • How does physical attraction even happen (vibrational explanation)
  • Is what a man looks at on the internet indicative of what he’s looking for in a girlfriend?
  • She rarely finds herself attracted to a man
  • How to focus on your own sexiness without having to lose weight or have plastic surgery (you can do this today!)
  • Did her boss lay her off because he was threatened by her?
  • The powerful exercise you can use to start loving yourself (not for weenies)
  • She’s afraid that men only care about sex
  • Shifting a negative view of men into a positive one
  • Why what her ex was thinking or not thinking during their relationship is totally irrelevant
  • How can she let her ex go once and for all (so he won’t keep showing up in her reality)
  • How long should you date a guy before you have sex with him?
  • Does it take men longer to fall in love than women?
  • Using visualization to drastically change the kinds of men she will attract (slaying multiple beliefs at once)
  •  She’s afraid that if she lets herself have a relationship again, she’ll fall back into co-dependent patterns
  • She seems to be going two steps forwards and two steps back. Does growth have to happen like that? (Hint: nope!)