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#080 Designing Your Own Job in the New Economy


I know I’ve said this before, but this may be my favorite call so far! Such great energy, it will rock you right out of your seat.

This client just couldn’t seem to find a decent job. When people with MBA’s are working at Starbucks, shouldn’t we be grateful for any job at all? Listen in on this call to hear a MUCH more empowering perspective on how you can take advantage of all the opportunities that currently (yes, currently) exist, if you dare, and find out why this is the BEST time to go and do what you truly want to do.

Oh, and just for good measure, I give you several key insights into how I built and run my own business, and a big old rampage of awesomeness at the end about how this world is changing for the better, if you’re just willing to see it. Oh hell yes.


Topics covered on this call

  • After reading one of my blog posts, she became unstuck, and loads of manifestations flooded in, but they’re all super frustrating
  • She’s great at manifesting small things, but can’t seem to get the big stuff down
  • She’s uncovered a belief that she can’t sustain herself without her parent’s support, and feels guilty about that
  • She’s had some really bad experiences working with other women (“women can be real bitches”)
  • Her last job was a total nightmare
  • Mining the traumatic experience for valuable vibrational information (what was this nightmare job reflecting back to her?)
  • When the role you’re filling is undefined (such as a Social Media job)
  • Setting expectations with employers (a type of setting boundaries)
  • Should she be an employee or a freelancer? Can you even make money freelancing?
  • How to write your own job description
  • How can she find work in “this” economy?
  • Why “this” economy is freaking awesome! (And how to make that shift)
  • The difference between the Old Economy and the New Economy
  • How the education is changing to keep up with the new economy
  • The value of being an expert
  • A brief history of how our economy has evolved
  • The mentality of an independent contractor, vs. the mentality of an employee (and why you don’t have to be a contractor to have that mentality)
  • No boundaries vs. flexibility
  • The beauty of a mutually beneficial and balanced client/company relationship
  • How I attract my clientele
  • How she’s been failing to recognize the opportunities the Universe has already been bringing her
  • What you MUST do if you want to sell your services (seriously, this is make or break, and it’s appalling how many people don’t do this)
  • How I manifested my Web Designer
  • The one quality you want to look for when you choose to hire someone
  • Why RIGHT NOW is the best time to go and do what you love to do!
  • A super positive rant about how awesome the world is (just because it felt so damn good!)