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  • #081 She Wants Her Own Bakery – Creating an Energetic Business Plan

#081 She Wants Her Own Bakery – Creating an Energetic Business Plan


This client wants to open her own bakery, but after several failures, believes some people just aren’t meant to be successful. Listen in as we smash through false beliefs about education (how much of it is really required, and how important exactly is college, anyway?), age (are you too old to follow your dream?), failures (what they really mean and how to use them to turbo charge success), and what it really takes to build a successful business.

By the time you get to the end of this call, you’ll not only see this woman’s bakery come to life, you won’t be able to wait to start moving towards your own dream.

Topics covered on this call

  • She feels that some people are just meant to struggle
  • Every time she’s tried to get ahead, she failed
  • Her life isn’t getting better. In fact, it’s just been getting worse and worse
  • After thinking she had found her dream job, she was fired. Was she wrong?
  • She feels that she’s too old to start a new career
  • She blames herself for not graduating from college. It’s “her own fault” that she can’t succeed
  • Is it possible to be off one’s path?
  • Why dropping out of college may have been the best thing she could’ve done
  • Why did she actually drop out (looking at it from the Universe’s point of view)?
  • The metaphor that will cure you of your tendency to listen to other people’s life advice for good (be warned: you won’t be able to go back)
  • What is her dream? What does she really want to do? How can she choose which goal to go for?
  • She went to school to be a pastry chef and loved it
  • As soon as she graduated, her boss, who had loved her and had promised her great things, fired her for seemingly no reason. What really happened?
  • The real reason she hasn’t been a match to financial success
  • Will she get a better job if she gets an Ivy League education? (My answer isn’t going to be popular with Harvard Graduates)
  • What Universities will NOT teach you, i.e., who exactly needs college these days?
  • Formal education vs. real world experience
  • How can she get the skills she needs?
  • The one thing that no one and nothing can teach you, but which you NEED to succeed
  • Learning how to think WAY bigger
  • How her business idea of having a bakery can actually serve the world on a spiritual level
  • What’s happening when things start to get difficult and how to react to those experiences to turbo boost progress, instead of reacting in a way that takes you backwards
  • Lining her up with the energy of her successful business
  • Developing an energetic business plan