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  • #082 From Doormat to Goddess – How to Stop Being Attracted to Douchebags

#082 From Doormat to Goddess – How to Stop Being Attracted to Douchebags


This client was stuck in a pattern of not only attracting ONLY douchebags, but only being attracted TO douchey guys. Listen in as we bust through the beliefs that cause her (and a lot of women) to find the bad boys sexy, and dig up and release the fears that have kept her from having the relationship she’s always wanted.

This call is for all those women who lament that nice guys just aren’t sexy, and who feel stuck in the douchebag forest but are finally ready to find their way out.

Topics covered on this call

  • She always ends up feeling unhappy and alone in relationships
  • She can’t seem to communicate her feelings to her partner
  • She doesn’t seem to be attracted to the nice guys
  • Is it really possible to turn a douchebag into a nice guy?
  • Why can douchey guys seem to make other women happy, but not her?
  • Why is she the one who gets hurt when she’s the one who usually ends it?
  • How and why to stop giving your power away to men who don’t deserve it (and nobody deserves it)
  • Why are people attracted to broken people?
  • She feels that she’s too ugly inside for a good person to love. How can she change that?
  • She’s not sexually attracted to nice guys. Why not?
  • The false reason we find douchebags so sexy, and breaking that spell
  • Why nice guys are totally sexy (yep, we talk about specifics)
  • Working through her automatic tendency to say yes to douchebags who ask her out
  • What if she’s not sure what her gut is telling her?
  • Newsflash: Just because a guy asks you out, doesn’t make him a catch!
  • How to weed out the guys who are only interested in a booty call
  • How to use past douchebags to create better boundaries NOW
  • How can she learn to say no without feeling mean
  • How to stop attracting douchebags altogether
  • How to handle it when you’re not yet ready to have sex with a guy, and he pressures you
  • How can she start to picture a healthy relationship when she doesn’t even know what that looks like?