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#083 Energy Healing vs. Psychology – Becoming a Modern Healer


Another one of my favorite calls. I think it’ll be quickly apparent why that is. This client wants to marry psychology and energy healing, with the goal of becoming a hands on healer. The discussion that ensued included a deep explanation of what healing is (all healing), how illness comes about, how to become a powerful healer, the limiting beliefs that all healers have to release, and a powerful message for those wanting to move into this life path right now.

If you’re at all interested in becoming a healer, whether it be through traditional or alternative means, this call is for you. I dare you to listen to it and not punch the air at least once.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s studying to be a therapist, and would like to incorporate more of what I (Melody) do
  • She’s also like to get into hands on healing
  • What exactly his healing and what does a healer actually do?
  • How beliefs tie into both being healed and facilitating healing
  • Why do people get sick (physically or psychologically)?
  • What is a limited belief?
  • Why people might actually choose (not consciously) to stay sick
  • When are intellectual explanations of the healing process or the cause of the illness helpful?
  • What causes the difference between a really good therapist and a crappy one?
  • Why the actual healing modalities you use are pretty much irrelevant, and why they’re all valid
  • How and Why Faith healing works (and how Jesus healed)
  • Why healing without any methodology isn’t possible (and why that’s totally ok)
  • How do you know which tools (healing methods) to use with which client/patient?
  • Why, as a healer, you can’t really care about people’s pain (you can have compassion)
  • How someone will manifest an incompetent doctor
  • Why pharmaceuticals aren’t all “evil”
  • Why nothing works for everybody
  • How I have such confidence in my beliefs
  • Why trying to take away people’s painful experiences isn’t a good idea (or even possible)
  • What if she’s inspired to do something, but is scared to?
  • She’s afraid of losing herself and being overwhelmed if she allows too much healing energy to flow through her
  • How to deal with the ego when it tries to get in the way
  • Did she waste her time learning psychology (nope, and why not)
  • How is the mind involved in shifting energy?
  • What angels really are (yep, this is relevant, and no, we don’t get all preachy or anything)
  • Why you should be most grateful for the person who is annoying you the most
  • Does the healing process have to be hard?
  • Why healers can no longer keep themselves small
  • How can she know which healing modalities to study?