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  • #084 She’s Tired of Feeling Unworthy and Needing Other People’s Approval

#084 She’s Tired of Feeling Unworthy and Needing Other People’s Approval


It’s about time I did a call on self-worth! This client had a very common issue: she was constantly comparing herself to others and coming up short, and was feeling great shame about not being good enough. We worked through a variety of issues, both specific and quite general, and I offered several simple techniques to shore up her confidence and worthiness.

Believe it or not, feeling better about yourself isn’t really that complicated. With a few shifts in mindset and a bit of practice, you can be walking down the street in confidence (and a twinkle in your eye) in no time.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s tired of feeling like she’s not smart or capable
  • She often forgets details that people have told them about themselves and their lives
  • She feels likes she’s not present a lot of the time
  • She feels like this makes her a bad friend, which causes her shame
  • She thinks that her issues aren’t as big or important as other people’s
  • Why no emotions are never inappropriate (never let anyone tell you what you “should” be feeling)
  • The Universe never sends you a message that’s bigger (more painful) than necessary
  • The Universe never gives up on you
  • What the feeling of shame means
  • She recently started meditating again, and started feeling anxious. What should she do?
  • She feels like she’s “living wrong”, that she’s not reaching her full potential
  • She lives her life in a constant state of fear
  • She looks up to people like Ekhart Tolle, but focusing on him also makes her feel inadequate by comparison
  • She’d like to stop needing people’s approval
  • The simple exercise to start easing into self-confidence
  • How to make peace with the “weird” factor of soul based work (or following whatever passion you want), and the fears that come along with that
  • How do you quiet the voice that says you’re crazy to follow your passion
  • How to work WITH your ego, instead of against it
  • She has a belief that she’s bad at math (belief that makes her feel not good enough). Is she really, though, or is it just a story?
  • Dissecting her need for approval, and how that’s actually effecting her NOW
  • Why not being as good at something as others is not a reason to feel bad, but rather a reason to rejoice
  • Where your REAL value comes from and why you can’t NOT be valuable
  • Why you REALLY don’t have to be afraid of other people