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  • #085 She’s Afraid of Speaking her Truth Because of How Others Will React

#085 She’s Afraid of Speaking her Truth Because of How Others Will React


This client faces what so many of us do: She was shut down for being innocently authentic as a child, and still carried the fear of speaking her own truth with her to this day. Couple that with an extensive intellectual knowledge of personal development work, and you get a person who feels stuck knowing WHAT she should be doing, but not being able to get there.

Listen in as we sort through the actual beliefs, including a real work place confrontation, and shift the energy into a much better feeling and truly authentic place. This is one of those calls that has nuggets for everyone, especially those of us who like to, um, let’s just say overthink things€¦

Topics covered on this call

  • She wants to find a way to be more of herself, but feels that she keeps sabotaging herself
  • She’s afraid of speaking her truth, because of how others will react (and have reacted in the past)
  • As a child, she was usually told to shut up when she was being herself
  • The difference to speaking your truth and speaking it out loud, and how to know when to do which
  • What does it actually mean when someone disagrees with you?
  • What debate really is, and how to use it for maximum benefit
  • Why people really shut down children who still know their truth
  • An empowering way to look at the childhood pain that these shutdowns cause to light workers
  • Is there an easy way to learn how to speak your truth
  • Why is it sometimes easier to think negative, fearful thoughts than the positive ones?
  • During a recent workplace confrontation, she felt that she wasn’t able to fully express her truth
  • The difference between THE truth and HER truth (big concept, listen up, puppies)
  • During confrontations, her first reaction is usually to be afraid that she did something wrong
  • Why we really shouldn’t use the words “right” and “wrong” in the workplace (or any place), and what to hear instead
  • Why is she choosing not to accept herself? (The macro explanation)
  • Feeling her way to figuring out her core belief, instead of trying to figure it out intellectually
  • Ok, once and for all: How can you tell if you’re distracting yourself to feel better or suppressing the negative feeling? When should you do which?
  • How can she get over her childhood fears that other people will shut her down when she dares to be authentic
  • How she can use her perfectionism to help her during confrontations
  • Shifting the fear of screwing up

I mentioned recently having written a blog post about the “Poke and Run Technique”. You can find it here: Tips To Drastically Raise Your Vibration Without Having To Hire A Coach.