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  • #086 A Douchebag Broke her Heart. Isn’t it Wrong or Unenlightened to Confront Him?

#086 A Douchebag Broke her Heart. Isn’t it Wrong or Unenlightened to Confront Him?


This is a fantastic call for all those who want to learn to fine tune their process, as well as anyone who’s ever been broken up with by a douchebag. This client teaches LOA and has no issue helping others, but when it came to getting over a breakup, she couldn’t seem to get any relief. I love this call. It so perfectly highlights the “mistakes” that people who almost know too much, as well as those of us who are intellectual and love to overthink everything often make. When you know all the techniques but can’t seem to shift the belief anyway, how to go move forward?

This call also has a great discussion on confrontation, when it’s a good idea and when it isn’t, the fear that spewing what you might consider your negativity all over someone else might be damaging, and the difference between setting boundaries and trying to control others. In other words, how can you honor yourself without falling into crazy bitch syndrome?


Topics covered on this call

  • She has no trouble helping other people on LOA, but can’t seem to help herself
  • What’s the difference between giving advice to others and applying it to your own life?
  • Can we ever get rid of all of our resistance?
  • Do we have to “put up with” negative emotion forever?
  • Is it possible for someone to not be ABLE to focus? What about people with ADD?
  • She had a wonderful relationship, but it ended abruptly
  • She did her best to release all her pain, to own her emotions and let him go
  • Why isn’t she feeling fully better?
  • The mistake she made that a lot of people who know A TON about LOA or personal development make
  • Why simply thinking positive thoughts (distraction) doesn’t always work, and what to do when it doesn’t
  • Why “I shouldn’t be feeling this way” is a stupid thought
  • The easy way to find those hidden beliefs (that intellectual people have a hard time implementing)
  • Her ex simply disappeared on her. What happened?
  • She was afraid to confront him because her negative emotions might cause damage all around. Was her fear warranted?
  • When is it a good idea to get mad and confront and when is it a bad idea?
  • Why confronting someone and being a crazy, needy bitch are NOT the same thing
  • Why does the Universe keep bringing her douchebags? What is she missing?
  • The insidious way she’s still blaming herself, even though she THINKS she’s taking responsibility for her vibration
  • The difference between setting boundaries and trying to control others (it can be subtle)
  • What if her confrontation triggers a negative response in him? Isn’t that a thing she’d want to avoid?
  • Why suppressing your negative emotions is anything but spiritual
  • When she tried to confront in the past, she ended up feeling worse. Why?
  • The safe way to practice confrontation (which often makes confrontation unnecessary)
  • Why did it take her so long to find the answer to this issue? How does time factor into manifestation?