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  • #087 How To Find and Follow Your Creative Passions When Other People Want You to Get a “Real” Job

#087 How To Find and Follow Your Creative Passions When Other People Want You to Get a “Real” Job


This call is for all artists and deliberate creators. It contains probably the best explanation and metaphor I’ve ever offered to help you finally free yourself from listening to other people’s opinions and “advice”. It also deals with how to find your passion, especially if you have multiple talents to choose from, how to continuously align with inspiration so you can actually meet deadlines, and how to not turn your passion into obligation.

So, basically, this call is pretty much for everyone who wants to create anything and follow their passion, be it art or a business or just joy. Don’t you just love how applicable this stuff is?

Topics covered on this call

  • She¬† had loads of little talents that she could develop and become really great at, but she can’t seem to decide
  • She keeps working at dead end jobs, because she hasn’t figured out what her passion is
  • She feels that she caters more to other people’s wishes than her own, which is also holding her back
  • Is having a talent for something the same thing as having a passion for it?
  • She feels that she could be a writer. Does that mean she should be one?
  • She’s afraid that if she chooses one activity to focus on, she’ll get bored
  • Why the activity you choose is really irrelevant
  • Why boredom is not a risk when you’re aligned with your passion
  • Every time she tries to sit down and do something creative, her mind sabotages her and she can’t seem to focus
  • She’s been trying to induce the state of flow, but hasn’t been able to. What has she been doing wrong? How does one get into that flow successfully?
  • How artists (and others) manage to turn something they used to love into torture, and how to avoid that trap
  • She’s frustrated by how slowly her writing is progressing
  • She can’t seem to get past the whole money issue. How can she adopt the belief that she can make money doing something creative and which she loves?
  • Why the timing of when things come out is influenced by more than just the artist’s energy
  • Why she doesn’t have to worry about “creating” an audience for what she’s creating (and neither does any artist or creator)
  • ¬†Little side note, why people who are frequently aligned often look so much younger
  • Why it’s never accurate to state that you don’t know what you want. Not for anyone. EVER.
  • Her parents keep pestering her to get a “good” job. How can she counteract that pressure?
  • The perspective that will free you from other people’s opinions forever. You’re welcome
  • A demonstration of how easy it is to make another choice
  • She’s afraid of becoming too fickle. Why that’s not possible in alignment
  • If you have to compare yourself to others, do it the RIGHT way (and how to do that)
  • If she’s only writing/creating/acting when she’s inspired, how can she ever meet deadlines or make commitments? In other words, how can she be consistently inspired?
  • Why this process is a lot simpler than people think (a bit of my own story of how I figured that out)


During the call, I recommended that the client read the blog post containing the “Poke and Run” technique. You can find it here: Tips To Drastically Raise Your Vibration Without Having To Hire A Coach.