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  • #088 Her Belief of Not Being Good Enough Has Kept Her Stuck for 10 Years

#088 Her Belief of Not Being Good Enough Has Kept Her Stuck for 10 Years


This client hadn’t seen any progress on the job front in 10 years! She felt stuck and unable to make her dream of moving to another country happen. She knew that she had beliefs of not being good enough, but how does one shift a core belief like that?

Listen in as we sift through the “evidence” of her “failures” and figure out what’s actually true for her and demonstrate how to go about releasing a large, underlying belief like this in record time. We also cover a lot of information on moving to a different country and living the life of your dreams. If you’ve been stuck in Ground Hog Day, are currently unhappily slaving away at some job, and/or have a hankering for BIG changes, this call is for you.


Topics covered on this call

  • She feels that she’s been stuck in Groundhog Day for the last 10 years
  • She hasn’t been able to get any kind of traction in her career
  • Has she really not made any progress in all that time? Is that even possible?
  • She managed to manifest a job that matched the criteria she wanted, but it ended up turning sour, like always
  • She’s afraid that she’s not good enough; how can she shift a massive belief like that?
  • Why affirmations generally don’t work for a core belief like this
  • The way that particularly intellectual people tend to impede their progress
  • Why our egos sabotage us, and how we can counteract that
  • She tends to be very confident during job interviews, but feels that she disappoints when she’s her €œnormal€ self once she has the job
  • She didn’t meet her boss’ expectations and received negative feedback. Did she really do anything wrong?
  • How to manage expectations from the get go and avoid situations like this (or handle it after the fact). Hint: it doesn’t mean twisting yourself in knots to meet the expectations of others
  • Why you can actually be doing a good job and still “fail” to please your boss, and what to do about that
  • The interview/job behaviors of a person who has strong self-worth
  • Why a willingness to be vulnerable is actually a sign of strength, not weakness
  • She can’t seem to keep a job or project for very long. She’s afraid that this makes her “flaky”
  • How this type of “job hopping” can be a VERY positive thing
  • She desperately wants to live in another country
  • She feels held back because she doesn’t have a college degree. How can she find a job in another country and/or get a visa without that degree?
  • What role does her husband play in her manifestation?
  • The main reason that someone would not receive a manifestation for 10 years
  • How can you know which opportunities to take advantage of? What if they feel scary?
  • Lining her up with the move to Thailand
  • The best mindset to have when moving to a foreign country