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  • #089 Is She Too Old to Start Over and Do We Have to Get Old?

#089 Is She Too Old to Start Over and Do We Have to Get Old?


Do you assume that you’ll be growing old and quite possibly get sick when you do? Do you just accept certain limitations that will come (or have come) with age? This client was already feeling the pressure to get old at 60, even though she’d actually prefer to re-enter the workforce and follow her passions. After a riding accident, she was berated for being foolish enough to be so active at her age (because that’s just asking for trouble, isn’t it?).

If you want to age awesomely, but find yourself buying into the BS beliefs that some things just go south as we get older, or if you have aging loved ones that you’d like to change your views about, or if you’re already feeling old and would like to reverse your symptoms, this call is for you. This is a really juicy one, people, and we pull no punches. Prepare to have your beliefs firmly challenged and your perspective on age and aging shifted. But I warn you: You’ll never look at the elderly the same way again. You’re welcome.

Topics covered on this call

  • She took early retirement about 6 years ago, but because the economy has changed so dramatically, she may need to go back to work
  • At 60, everyone is telling her that she’s too old to “start over”, or to be living the life she really wants to
  • She recently had a major horse riding accident. Was this a sign that she’s too old to be riding?
  • She applied for several positions she was ideal for, but there was no response
  • Is there such as thing as too old, not just theoretically, but practically, in real life?
  • The anatomy of age related beliefs
  • What does “getting older” or aging really mean? What does it have to mean?
  • The big mistake we make when we’re looking at cultures that live long and age healthily
  • Do we have to die sick? Why many of us hang on to the belief that we do
  • The easy exercise that will help you gently shift age related beliefs
  • The gender gap in age related beliefs
  • Why did she literally fall off the horse (sorry, couldn’t help myself) and sustain such injuries?
  • Figuring out how to respond to those (including herself) that tell her that she’s “too old” for certain activities
  • The arrogance and fallacy of treating people like children/invalids/idiots once you’re a certain age, and what the elderly can do about it
  • Reframing age related beliefs in a way that instantly highlights how ridiculous they are (caution, you will never be able to return to your old perspective)
  • A little chat about Social Security (US version), why it’s breaking apart and why that’s not a horrible, scary thing
  • Is there an age at which we can’t earn money anymore?
  • A new perspective on post-retirement workers (and work in general)