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  • #092 He’s Totally Overwhelmed, Stressed and Lonely

#092 He’s Totally Overwhelmed, Stressed and Lonely


Every once in a while I do a call that’s really more of a mixed bag. We covered A LOT of ground on this one, from setting boundaries (from a man’s perspective this time, but applicable to everyone as usual), to dealing with total overwhelm, letting go of fears of repeating past patterns and finally, creating a relationship that’s miles ahead of what he’s experienced thus far.

Seriously, the epiphanies just kept flying on this one. If you’re stressed, overwhelmed, stuck or lonely, or if you just want to get a much deeper understanding of how the Law of Attraction works, this call if for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • He feels completely overwhelmed, has physical pain, stress, and bad/few relationships
  • He’s totally exhausted at the end of his day and doesn’t have enough energy or time to focus on things he actually wants to do
  • A past injury and some poor decisions made to please others have left him deeply in debt
  • Dissecting his career path so far and the reason he’s made the choices he’s made
  • Who is the boss of his life? Who is in charge of is opinions? (Hint: it hasn’t really been him…)
  • What his accident was trying to show him and how it actually served him
  • Figuring out what he actually wants to do – starting from scratch
  • Money vs. excitement – sorting out an approach that’s actually doable
  • Leveraging the power of the Universe to deal with overwhelm
  • How “being too busy” is actually a convenient way to keep ourselves stuck
  • He read all the books and tried all the techniques. What was he doing wrong?
  • How our limiting beliefs “cause” us to make bad decisions
  • Why you NEVER have to make a decision that doesn’t feel good
  • Finding that better feeling option when you feel trapped and desperate
  • How manifestations come into our lives incrementally, and why
  • How visualization actually works and how to use it to shift energy
  • Why you can’t FULLY visualize what you want (and why you don’t have to)
  • He had a relationship that seemed great, but it just ended out of the blue. Why?
  • Will he ever find a relationship as great as that one?
  • Is he doomed to repeat the patterns of the past (manifest the same pattern over and over again)?
  • He tends to meet women who are too demanding. Why? What is this manifestation telling him?
  • Can you truly avoid hurting other people’s feelings when setting boundaries?
  • How to deal with “crazy bitches”
  • Why you have to stop dating assholes. Seriously. Just stop.
  • Is it possible to “make” a relationship work?
  • Creating the relationship he actually wants by staying general
  • How a willingness to settle keeps us from getting what we want