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#093 She’s Been Doing Everything Right – Why Isn’t Her Stuff Here Yet?!


Calling all Manifestors! This client has been feeling good, doing all the “work”, and still can’t see her manifestations. What gives, Universe? This is LOA 2.0 at its finest. Listen in as we explore all the finer points of manifesting, you know, the stuff that comes after you’ve defined what you want and have been focusing on it. Seriously, this whole call is like a master class in manifestation.

If you’ve been at this stuff for a little while and are feeling better, but would like to take it to the next level, this call is for you. Seriously, don’t miss this one.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s raised her vibration and is feeling really great, but she’s still not seeing her manifestations!
  • Has she deluded herself into thinking she’s feeling good?
  • How do you know if you’re actually feeling good?
  • How you can be feeling good but still not be aligned with what you want
  • That whole concept of the physical manifestations not being the goal fully explained
  • Making peace with change
  • How we often poop all over our own happiness, taking us out of alignment
  • How manifestations actually come in, versus what most people expect
  • The concept of “Following the Breadcrumbs”
  • How and why we make this crap so much harder than it needs to be
  • Why isn’t this stuff more obvious to us, dammit?
  • Why we resist the simple, elegant answers, keeping ourselves stuck
  • Why you truly don’t have to figure it out (because you never actually do€¦)
  • What geniuses know about this process that you should too
  • The concept of “showing your work” and how it’s a perfect representation of how we screw up the process
  • How people can actually get what they want and still not THINK they’re getting what they want
  • Why most people THINK they are focusing on the WHAT while actually focusing on the HOW
  • How exactly opening yourself up to the feeling of something gets you WAY better manifestations than you could ever imagine
  • Why you don’t want the Universe to meet your expectations (really, you don’t)
  • How you can get excited about being frustrated (be a freak like me! Ha.), and why you totally should
  • How exactly does action fit into all this (what inspired action looks like), when it’s important to take action and when to wait
  • How our minds try to argue against our joy, and how you can out-logic it into submission (warning: NOT to be used to try and out-logic others into agreeing with you!)
  • The decision point that everyone who does this work eventually comes to and why you have to make that decision (this is what makes the difference between manifesting a parking spot and a million dollar business)
  • Why we insist on skipping to the end (getting it all now) and why that’s just stupid (seriously, it’s stupid. I’ll show you why)