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  • #094 Why Does She Keep Attracting Men Who Are Unavailable In Some Way?

#094 Why Does She Keep Attracting Men Who Are Unavailable In Some Way?


An emotionally abusive relationship in this caller’s past has left her feeling unworthy and attracting only to men who aren’t available in some way. I have to be honest, this is a VERY female centric call. We dissect so many of the common beliefs that women in our society hold. Listen in as we talk about finding the balance between playing games and coming off as needy, dissect the belief that your weight is sabotaging your relationship success, and most importantly, how to set proper standards.

What does it mean when men don’t call back? What about when your boyfriend insists on keeping track of each penny he spent on you? At what point are you too old to attract love? And why do some women change from normal, intelligent human beings into raving lunatics the second a good looking man comes around (and what to do about that€¦). Ladies, if you’re single and “looking”, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • She has had success with LOA in many areas of her life, but can’t seem to figure out the relationship bit
  • She was in an emotionally abusive relationship for 7 years, and hasn’t been able to have a real relationship since
  • She’s in love with a married colleague with whom she feels a really strong connection. Why would she manifest someone who is so perfect and yet so unavailable to her?
  • She always feels like she’s more attracted to men than they are to her
  • She believes that she’s made peace with her past relationship, but has she really?
  • When she finally put herself out there, the guy bolted as soon as she decided that she liked him. What the hell did that mean?
  • She never thought she’d be single and alone at 29. What a tragedy (cue the sarcasm!)
  • All her friends are in relationships already. Why isn’t she, dammit?
  • Why being single does NOT mean that your relationship vibration is not progressing (and why being solo can actually cause us to grow faster)
  • Why we attract people who are unavailable in some way, and how to use that information to grow further
  • Why being a huge flirt is not a bad thing and why I greatly encourage it (with the correct perspective)
  • Why the women who are trying to tell you lower your standards have it all wrong
  • How to set standards the right way
  • Why you don’t really have to focus on the age of those you date (when you focus properly on what you want, the age thingy will be taken care of automatically)
  • What does it mean when people are sticklers about small amounts of money? Do you have to put up with that?
  • How to practice setting and enforcing boundaries without having to date half the city
  • What it means when a man doesn’t call you (the true, vibrational reason)
  • She never feels like she’s thin enough
  • Why your weight has NOTHING to do with your attractiveness. Seriously. You may want to replay this part a few times
  • Why it’s actually not a risk to choose to believe that what you want can come to you (the false risk of disappointment)
  • Finding the balance between being open and direct and being needy and desperate
  • What to say to people who ask you why you’re not married yet?
  • How to truly improve your self-worth
  • Should you visualize about a specific person or a fantasy dude?