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  • #095 Living At Home and In Debt – Does She Have the “Luxury” to Go After Her Passion?

#095 Living At Home and In Debt – Does She Have the “Luxury” to Go After Her Passion?


The economy and the way we relate to our jobs is changing. But how do you move out of the old world paradigm, with its fear and student loans and family members that don’t understand why you can’t just get a real job already, into a reality where you can trust the Universe to support you and allow yourself to follow your passion?

That’s the challenge that this client faced. Sure, the IDEA of using the Law of Attraction to manifest an awesome life sounds great, but when we actually go to put it into PRACTICE, it turns out we have all these fears. Listen in as we tackle them one by one and demonstrate that the process really isn’t that hard, once you stop fighting it. Do you want to live in the New Economy where you actually get to do what you love and get paid for it, but your fears keep shutting you down? This call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • She lost her job and had a breakup in the last couple of months
  • The job she lost was the worst job she’d ever had
  • She’s been freelancing and has been loving it, but it’s only part time
  • She’s currently living with her parents now, and would love to move out
  • She feels that she really needs to get a “real job” in order to have security and health benefits (and to get her parents off her back)
  • Oh and then there’s all that student loan debt she’s drowning in€¦
  • How is she supposed to follow her passion in the midst of all that fear?
  • Sorting through all that pressure to figure out what she actually really WANTS
  • If she doesn’t use her specific degree, does that mean that it was a giant waste of time?
  • Why has it been so damn hard for her to find a job?
  • How to let go of the old, rigid, fear based world view to make room for the new, happy shiny puppy ideas (this is the thing that people generally have the MOST problem with)
  • Listen in as I trigger a ton of resistance in the caller and help her let it go (yes, there’s a bit of slapping with love going on)
  • Defining her actual passion, once we scrape away all the fear
  • She’s attempted to involve her parents in her process of discovering her passion. Why exactly was that such a mistake? – Hint, it’s not that you can’t share your dreams with people, but you have to do it the RIGHT way
  • Why can’t her parents be more supportive?
  • Why her vibration isn’t as bad as she thinks it is (and how to tell)
  • But, what about the crushing fear that she has to MAKE MONEY DAMMIT?
  • She feels that it’s a luxury to be able to sit and think about what you truly want. Is it?
  • Defining the process for lining up with and manifesting her passion in life
  • What can she say to her parents when they demand to know what she’s doing to find a “real” job?