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  • #096 Why Can’t He Ever Hold On to Financial Success?

#096 Why Can’t He Ever Hold On to Financial Success?


This ex-pro athlete has no trouble creating success. But every time he does, something seems to happen that takes it all away. He went from being at the top of his game to losing his driver’s license and nearly being evicted from his home. How can he stop sabotaging his success and become truly abundant once and for all?

Many people think that if you just make enough money, everything else takes care of itself. This call is a great example of the fact that the amount of money doesn’t matter. If you don’t clean up your vibration, larger amounts of money simply serve to amplify the pain. We also get to tackle some of THE most stubborn beliefs about money, which keep so many people stuck in a lack of abundance. If you have a pattern of self-sabotage, or simply want to be more abundant, this call is for you.


Topics covered on this call

  • He’s been able to create massive success several times, but each time he does, something happens that takes it all away
  • He feels he must be scared of success in some way
  • He seems to sabotage himself in strange ways, such as losing his driver’s license due to unpaid tickets, and nearly being evicted from his home
  • He used to play professional basketball and had the high life. How did he go from such a high to losing it all?
  • He feels like he works incredibly hard (he does) but just can’t seem to ever really get ahead
  • A lot of people owe him money and aren’t paying up, which is causing him financial issues. Why does he always attract these kinds of situations?
  • He doesn’t want to keep up the pattern of having to crash and burn in order to move forward
  • How his definition of what a rich and successful person looks like is getting in his way
  • What his career as a Pro Basketball player can teach him about how to apply the Law of Attraction
  • He feels that he’s practicing gratitude, but is he? How can you tell if you’re not?
  • How much money does one actually need in order to feel abundant?
  • Why breaking out of a self-imposed prison doesn’t feel anything like what people think (which keeps them stuck)
  • He’s an “A Type Personality”. What does that actually mean in terms of vibration?
  • He’s already looking at his next business ventures. What can he do differently this time so he doesn’t fall back into old patterns?
  • Why his affirmations haven’t been working for him
  • How can he become more “responsible” when it comes to money? Stopping the self-sabotage and the anxiety
  • The #1 way that people in debt keep themselves there (and how to not to do that)
  • Listen in as I wrestle (almost literally) the most common belief of poverty to the ground. Most people are incredibly stubborn about this, so this is a “fight” worth witnessing (and winning)
  • How to handle creditors who are breathing down your neck
  • Why being grateful because it “could be worse” isn’t the best strategy
  • What does “going general” actually mean?
  • How can he feel better about the people who owe him money?
  • How can you tell if you’re truly being positive or just in denial?